John Lawrence has been a freelance photographer since 1992. Based near Oxford in the United Kingdom, he regularly travels to the Midlands, the South West and the South of England on commissions for The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Sunday Times and the Daily Mail. He also undertakes commissions for The Guardian and Observer and various magazines, as well as the BBC. In addition he can travel anywhere in the UK and abroad.

He began his freelance career after spending time in Bosnia and Croatia in the early 1990s during the Bosnian war. Pictures from the conflict were published in The Independent, The Independent on Sunday and the Daily Mail.

Although most of his work is digital, using Canon equipment, he can also shoot film on medium format, 35 mm and maybe even a biscuit tin!

I decided to research the photographer John Lawrence because, of the three different people there were – an illustrator, painter and photographer. Of all three media, my favorite has to be photographer. I like this image for a variety of reasons – firstly, the Vogue is my favorite car – but that doesn’t mean I like every RR image! The zoom – burst technique that John used here has been very effectively communicated across to the final result. The SUV is pin sharp, but thanks to the smooth zoom action used during a fairly long exposure – possibly about 1.5 – 3 second long shutter speed – the Vogue is pin sharp, and “explodes” from the background blur of vegetation.