Ross was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1972.
He would eat anything and resembled a currant bun.

As he grew up he was fond of drawing, the Bionic Man and precariously swinging backwards on chairs.

He graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1994 with a First in Illustration. In the same year he won the MacMillan Children’s Book Prize an achievement that opened many doors in the Big Smoke.

Ross then spent two years in London cultivating an exotic image of the scribbling Scotsman abroad.

Longing for the cold and damp of the North, Ross returned to Glasgow, where he spends his time writing and illustrating children’s books, doing animation character development, walking the dug by the banks of Loch Lomond and precariously swinging backwards on chairs.

Collins’ website is a very vibrant site, by using his many colorful illustrations as a background really creates a colorful spectacle. The drawings themselves remind me a little of Quentain Blake’s style – by having a very distinctive feel. In the same way that one would recognize Blake’s drawings, so one would with Collin’s. Personally, I prefer a more graphic style of illustration – my favorite being the CGI drawings that evoke a polished feel that I’ve yet to find with using more traditional illustrative methods.