Pete’s inspiration for his work comes from his daily life, psychedelic motifs, monsters, music, nature and much more. Forming a backdrop to his ever growing family of characters and creatures, his work inhabits a world where character design meets music and art in a weird and wonderful way.

That world is Monsterism Island, a place where banjos are played by horned owls and synths tweaked by mutant horses. His unique, instantly recognizable approach and sense of playfulness and visual adventures have brought his work to the attention of people around the world.

He has worked with various commercial clients as well as bands, music festivals, brands and charities. He regularly DJs and makes music one half of the Seahawks.

Pete’s original paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings have been shown in exhibitions around the world. He regularly partakes in live painting events and group exhibitions, alongside workshops and talks.

This is one of Peter’s drawings on the iPad. The iPad is becoming a very popular tool for modern day artists. The breadth of control that is offers is truly brilliant for artists, and sparks a creative flair.  I like the block tones of color, and the symmetry. The drawing is simplistic but is my type of drawing. I really like digital artwork, which stems from my love for CGI animation.