Yugo Nakamura (born on 1970 in Nara, Japan) is considered one of Japan’s leading web designers. Yugo studied engineering, architectureand landscape design. He is one of the authors of New Masters Of Flash (2003). Yugo has exhibited and lectured in Asia, United States and Europe. His artwork has been shown at Center Pompidou (Paris), Vienna Künstlerhaus (Vienna), Design Museum (London). His commercial works have received many international awards, including Cannes Lions, One Show, Clio Award, and NY ADC. He utilizes mathematics underlying natural complexity to create online interactions that are usable and familiar because their behavior is modeled on the natural world.


I viewed Nakamura’s website – yugopop.com – and was rather impressed. Of all the sites I’ve come across in the past, this is definitely the most bizarre one. The bubbles that have to be popped in order to gain entry are amusing, and also very creative. Web design is a very interesting market, and one that I see as having great potential. The vast majority of websites are a rather standard affair. In essence, they are all very straightforward and, in general, are the same. Nakamura’s site is different it is completely different in design and layout to any other site I’ve viewed.
Having said that, I don’t quite understand the methodology and meaning behind the “bubbles”…
Yugo Nakuma
Yugo Nakamura