The Designers Republic (tDR for short) was a graphic design studio, founded on 14 July 1986 by Ian Anderson, and based in Sheffield, England. It was known for its anti-establishment aesthetics, while simultaneously embracing brash consumerism and the uniform style of corporate brands, such as Orange and Coca-Cola. The studio closed in January 2009, though Anderson has stated that “[The Designers Republic] will go forward after this”.Despite this, Warp Records announced in 2010 that the studio had designedOversteps and Move of Ten, Autechre’s tenth album and EP respectively, as well as designing their 1991–2002 EP collection artwork in 2011.

The Designers Republic’s works are often playful and bright, and considered Maximum-minimalist, mixing images from Japanese anime and subvertised corporate logos, with apostmodern tendency towards controversial irony, featuring statements like “Work Buy Consume Die”, “Robots Build Robots”, “Customized Terror”, “Buy nothing, pay now”, and “Made In The Designers Republic”. They also celebrated their northern roots with phrases like “Made in the Designers Republic, North of Nowhere” and “SoYo” (referring to Sheffield’s county ofSouth Yorkshire) — affirming they were not from London’s design community in Soho.

tDR have worked for an impressive number of multi-national corporations ranging from Adidas to Virgin. They tend to have a very bright and colorful theme to their work – and mix images from Japanese anime. The tend to have a controversial streak in their works with statements like “Work Buy Consume Die” and “Customized Terror”. They celebrated the companies northern roots with phrases like “Made in the Designers Republic, North of Nowhere”. I really like the typeface that was used for the Work, Buy etc poster. It is rather powerful, blocky and direct. Combined with the red characters and logo above, it contrasts well against the white background and demands the viewers attention.



Designer’s Republic