MetaDesign is a leading international branding and design firm. We elevate the perception of your brand by designing brand experiences that communicate the identity of your company and its products to your customers, whether in the physical, print or digital worlds

For me, MetaDesign mean the same to the design world as Apple means to the technology world.

I had never heard of Meta prior to researching for my blog project, however, once I delved into their history and company profile, I was immediately intrigued. They have a massive corporate base, and even just scratching the surface and looking at the the recent projects had me hooked.

MetaDesign control the entire corporate branding agency for Volkswagen. They reworked the corporate design in 2008 – and once that was completed, set about step by step, reworking not only the advertising and branding design, but the corporate, product and dealership literature as well. They even gave Volkswagen dealerships a new look as well.

MetaDesign were involved with premium products such as the Phaeton – Volkswagens premium saloon. MetaDesign worked on the architectural features of the showrooms. The coordinated the lighting, interior design and materials to compliment the design of the vehicle. It has been designed almost like a show – the customer can enjoy a cup of coffee while viewing the vehicles on display from a luxuriously finished wood paneled back stage area. Three of these showrooms have already been opened in China, with more scheduled throughout the world.

Image from Volkswagen Phaeton

This attention to detail is synonymous with design – in that is is all about the end product. This is perfectly demonstrated with the new “Phaeton Lounge” experience that Volkswagen offers its prospective customers.

Land Rover is the other manufacturer I can think of that offers customers a closer look at their models. For their show rooms, that often have an out door area in which one can view the vehicles in off road positions, and delve deeper into their off road credential.