I am interested in Peter Fowler’s artwork that he created using his iPad. While I am not an illustrator, or particularly keen on illustration, I very much like the graphic nature of the work, a style that is exemplified by the use of digital brushes. Fowler uses the Brushes app that is available for all iOS platforms to create his artwork.

Fowler has a very different style in comparison to my favorite “iPad using” artist Kyle Labert. I had the good fortune to talk with Kyle on a number of occasions while he was working at the Apple Store, Manchester.

Kyle creates very photo realistic artwork – the image of Beyonce is very well known online, and is an excellent example of the contrast between the different styles. I include this photo below as an interesting comparison.




While looking thru Fowler’s website, this image particularly stood out from all the others. I love the difference between the two artists, and while the photographer in me prefers Lambert’s style, so the graphics side of me appreciates this image. I do like the simplicity of the image of the Raven, yet, at the same time, it has some very intrinsic qualities. The app makes this possible by offering layers, thereby meaning that the various shades and strengths that one creates by painting over colors when using traditional methods, so can be recreated on iPad.

photo from Flickr – accessed 25th Feb ’12http://www.flickr.com/photos/petefowler/6824888493/sizes/l/in/set-72157628943694959/

This was taken from Fowler’s “Monsterizm” category of work.


I used this app for my project and live drawing for semester 1 – and I really enjoyed it. I far prefer the creativeness that it offers, and the range of brushes and drawing materials on offer far outweigh the choice available for a typically financially limited student. This is made all the more apparent when one can see the enormous difference in style possible when using the same tool.