1335 everyone sitting down for copyright lectures.

Guest speaker rises and starts discussing journalism.


Janet Jones makes us aware of various copyright laws.


A member of the audience gives an example in which a photograph is taken of his Flickr account and used various website.


Breaching copyright can be an expensive business – Janet gives an example in which a record company organized a photo shoot for the latest Oasis album at acuity rote,

The shot was going to show a Rolls Royce emerging from a swimming pool.

However, a rival photographer heard of he event, and booked a hotel room Latham enabled them to get a photograph of the set up of the thing.

This resulted in a £20,000,000 fine.


Names, titles colors are not copyright able.

But designs are copyrights,e

Breaching copyright is a civil offense.


Copyright gives us moral rights to our creations

Moral rights – identified as the owner of the work – no matter if copyright is handed over to a 3rd party.

Integrity rights – the rights as to how the work will be used.


Copyrights myths in law

Myth no 2

Must always post a copy of work to yourself to prove your copyright. If you can produce the original piece of artwork to your employer, this will be an effective proof. However, this will mean your employer wil hold all copyright,


More legal bits in related ion the the copyright design and patent act 1988

Original literacy, dramatic, music or artistic.

The copyright last of d’you your life plus another 70 years

In film, the copyright lasts for 70 years – but the 70 yeast only starts after final death of the principle director, the author of the screen place or composer of any music specifically composed for the film.

sound film and video recordings

Sound recording has just been extended to 70 years – used to be only 50.


Broadcasting cable tv channels, designers – for example the design of a magazine page is again covered for the same amount of the time,

Wording, layout of the page – all covered

Copyright legislation if 19992 covers computer programs in the same way as it covers the literacy, video etc


If its oringla music for the film, the composed who composed it will have copyrights.

Hoeverm if the music was taken from already existing – then the performer will have a copyright, the artist wil have a copyright, and the record label will have a copy right,

It is an extremely complicated area.


What happens when copyright is infringed?

Copyright owner has the law to hand out work and, essentiallym do anything to the design of it,

It is infringed by any 3rd party who does any of that,

The copyright expos – work is deemed as being in the public domain – so available for publice use.

If copyright didn’t have some exceptions, then it’s perfectly possi le that it could infringe in the freedom of speech, the way we talk – it would become to restroclede. Th world would be stifled. — dictatorship once again.


Wes just tried to break my finger


Fair use policy

The main conditions to fair use means there must be sufficient use of the work. A don’t a substations, amount of work used.

Exceptions within he law ore for education , business uses etc


As an example, if you took a photons it conclude a photo in the background. Or you made a audio recording of somehting and it had the sound of an copyrighted track in the. A mourn.

This round be ridiculous!

Myths no 3

10% of oronigla material can be used without infringing copyright.

Not true!


Talking about infringinmeng brings about the particular problem that can occur..

Myth no 4

Everything that is on the Internet is in the public domain so it free to use.

No, it’s not!

It is far more…… *died of exhaustion and confusion at this point*