Illustration and graphics

1458 Speaker takes to the floor.

Starts discussing his early education – as a boy in high school, he excelled in the sciences and achieved brilliant grades in the then O levels.


Graphics are now displayed on the projector showing eastern stylized dragons in various guises.

A rather striking one showing what seems to be space and a number of satellites in a deep blue galaxy.

An image for a cargo company, by signwriting was an early business model that he used. An early advert for a cargo company.




Speaker starts discussing his past advertising work, in particular a lot of signage work done for various local companies in the North West.

N particular, stresses the difficulty and technical skill required for poster design in the time when there were no computer graphics or means of using digital methods to design and create.


Speaker discussed Linnhoff March, a company specializing in Process Design Technology. They had new ways of creating artwork, and had multinational companies like Shell.

Speaker created artwork and graphic for this company.

Befor the days of computers youu had to use a repro house etc for creation of the final design.

Super target is an early software program that worked well for making graphics.

Speaker now shows the first design be created using a computer, he got his first Mac in 1992.



Another example of some early computer designed work.



Speaker talks about a key graphic that was used in an advertising campaign for the Santander branch of banks.


The speaker explained that the thought and inspiration for he design came from the idea that The key to a successful marketing campaign is in the graphic/em>; and with this viewpoint,


Now the speaker moves onto some graphics works that he’d done for the clothes show live to promote the new season of styles,


This character, called Chloe, was an image for the Clothes show. There was a competition held to try and find a real persons who was similar to the graphic.

However, in this image of the DJ girl for the same organization –