Portfolio review an insight byJason Minsky

Jason recommends using about 20 of our best images in the portfolio.
Imperative to have a strong middle, start and end.

Its imperative to have as much enthusiasm at the end as you do at the start.

Jason shows a glass stained image of stained lights? This is a symbol for all the junk in space?

His portfolio layout and design sounds strategic. But is it?? Jason explains how having a straightforward design and plan is not always the best option. There needs to be the element of surprise within the portfolio to grab the viewers attention.

Jason asks how you know if your portfolio is professional. He says he gets asked this all the time, and has a very simple answer; You know it is a professional portfolio because it is being looked at by a professional.

Back in the day before Mac’s were widespread, Jason simply used a decent box for photos for the portfolio.

How do your get someone to get a flavor of you and your work in 4 minuets for 15 years of work?

You shows a real of work from now, work that reflects your most recent achievements.

The most important thing with portfolios is whom you are showing it too.

You have to be different. Stand out from the crowd.

Does the company you are applying to want to commission work? Researching the company so you have as much background information as possible is paramount.

Must always be prepared for the worst. Expect the unexpected.

Be confident in what you’re showing someone. You need to believe in your work to be able to sell it as successfully as possible.