Speaker takes to the floor and starts talking about his past experience with jewelry making.


He did a degree at Manchester met uni last year, his tutor was Tom Headwick, who has now gone on to make the torch for 2013 Olympics

He studied 3D design included black smithing etc etc

Took 6 years out to find stuff to do, design work etc etc

Then self employed for a time in Nw

Then decided to apply for an Ma in 1997

He studied ceramics to Ma level.

It was a very challenging environment – he worked with in advertising, marketing, – and subsequently stayed on and painted gallery’s – and also made his first performance there. As an employee there, he was allowed free access to the galleries theater.

He booked the Hockney gallery

Then while at the uni, he starts discussing sports.

Why are only certain sports included in the Olympics for example?

11:40now, putting together our portfolio

Th speaker discusses the world “professional”.

He looks at the wrapper of a professional wrap of wriggles cheering wing gum.

If he uses the world professional, will he get a massive check?

A professional toothbrush? That costs 39p?