Meat is Murder


I’ve decided to work on a range of posters for my Poets & Prophets project – I’ve started an advertising campaign that will cover a range of media.


This is one of my alternative styles.



Guest Speakers @ Glyndwr

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Today was a rather infomrative day. We had guest speakers from a Polish university that Glyndwr is paired with.

At the start, they showed us a rather interesting 2D animation. The rest of day consisted of their showing us various projects from their students, generally final pieces. Most of the projects were made in Adobe After Effects – and it certainly compounded the range of options and creativity that are possible through using this software.

I finished working on a number of the animated text videos that I’ve been creating over the past week.

Overall, an enjoyable and interesting day.

Working in Adobe After Effects

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I spent a good deal of time going over After Effects today – with us having to submit an animated text video by Tuesday, I’m keen to get down to it.

I had a bit of difficulty with one or two features, but a quick chat with the tutors at Creative Industries soon settled that.

Simon gave me a few tips with regards to plug ins that were really useful – he showed me the way to alter the amount, strength etc of the effects.


Looking forward to the next Animated Typography workshop!

Poets & Prophets

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This is the poster for the Poets and Prophets BBC programs that are being commissioned. I chose to work on Morrissey – Meat is Murder.

This poster was for the print part of the project. I wanted to use a bold style that communicated the message clearly. I decided to settle on using black and red as I thought these brought out the darker side to the image more so than if I were to use colors. Admittedly, I have used a wider color palette with the other areas of advertising that I’ve done for this project – but, for my chosen print method, screenprinting, I thought this was the best.


Animated Typography


I found todays lecture really interesting, if not one of the best out of the year so far. Our tutor was teaching us how to use Adobe After Effects for animating text – which is the next part of our assignment. We had a few short sessions this morning in which we tried a few different experiments with the software – essentially a way of us getting more familiar with the system.

I found this rather comedic video online which demonstrates an excellent combination of audio and visual graphical work to the end viewer.

Combining the audio and graphical designs makes for a compelling result in so many cases – it is similar to the way in which an amazing soundtrack to a movie creates an unforgettable experience – if each were without the other, the result would be inferior.

Screen Printing


I had my first go at screen printing prior to the Easter Holidays. I decided to work on one of my poster designs I’d already created over the previous weeks.

The first design that I used was a panoramic food chain styled poster. It showed the journey of “meat” throughout the process from field to plate. I wanted to work upon the idea of having a walk through journey. I had altered and improved the poster I already had by giving it a darker tone and removing all the color from it. I’d realized that the original design was far too “friendly” and that I need to make it a lot darker and more sinister to try and bring out the graphic side of the story.

For the screen printing poster, I decided to use a section of the image. The style of the chicken is a very typical design, and I thought using something that is instantly recognizable would get the message across most clearly.

Firstly, upon being happy with the final design for screen printing, I got the image printed onto acetate. This started the whole process, and to the end result.

Steven Moffat

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Steven Moffat is the inspirational writer behind award winning dramas such as Doctor Who and Sherlock. Moffat has been a life-long fan of Doctor Who, and wrote several episodes of the popular series prior  succeeding Russel T Davies in 2009 as lead writer and executive producer of the series.

Moffat was also drafted to write the script for Spielbergs The Adventures of Tintin. Originally, Moffat was going to write for a trilogy of movies that Spielberg had planned, but when it became a choice between writing the script, or going back for the next season of Doctor Who, Moffat decided to go back to his roots.

Sherlock was actually conceived on one of the regular journeys from London to Cardiff for filming of Doctor Who. Moffat was with Mark Gattis at the time, who, as well as playing Mycroft Holmes, is also one of the writers.

The idea was to have a rejuvinated take on the classic detective, bringing it up to date and, in much the same way as with Doctor Who, breathe knew life into a classic.

Sherlock is a fast-paced drama that is ideally suited to Moffat’s proven writing genius.



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