Steven Moffat is the inspirational writer behind award winning dramas such as Doctor Who and Sherlock. Moffat has been a life-long fan of Doctor Who, and wrote several episodes of the popular series prior  succeeding Russel T Davies in 2009 as lead writer and executive producer of the series.

Moffat was also drafted to write the script for Spielbergs The Adventures of Tintin. Originally, Moffat was going to write for a trilogy of movies that Spielberg had planned, but when it became a choice between writing the script, or going back for the next season of Doctor Who, Moffat decided to go back to his roots.

Sherlock was actually conceived on one of the regular journeys from London to Cardiff for filming of Doctor Who. Moffat was with Mark Gattis at the time, who, as well as playing Mycroft Holmes, is also one of the writers.

The idea was to have a rejuvinated take on the classic detective, bringing it up to date and, in much the same way as with Doctor Who, breathe knew life into a classic.

Sherlock is a fast-paced drama that is ideally suited to Moffat’s proven writing genius.