I had my first go at screen printing prior to the Easter Holidays. I decided to work on one of my poster designs I’d already created over the previous weeks.

The first design that I used was a panoramic food chain styled poster. It showed the journey of “meat” throughout the process from field to plate. I wanted to work upon the idea of having a walk through journey. I had altered and improved the poster I already had by giving it a darker tone and removing all the color from it. I’d realized that the original design was far too “friendly” and that I need to make it a lot darker and more sinister to try and bring out the graphic side of the story.

For the screen printing poster, I decided to use a section of the image. The style of the chicken is a very typical design, and I thought using something that is instantly recognizable would get the message across most clearly.

Firstly, upon being happy with the final design for screen printing, I got the image printed onto acetate. This started the whole process, and to the end result.