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I discovered the Manchester based agency LOVE – which is a design company that specializes in boosting brands public image by communicating with the consumer in an interesting and personable way. I really like some of the work they did for COI, and organization dedicated to encouraging children to eat more healthy. Making the vegetables in an approachable and friendly way takes the premonition out of the kids, and hopefully will help promote healthy eating. I like the way they have been designed using CGI – it reminds me somewhat of Pixar and the various memorable characters they have created over the years.




The Skull Illusion

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This is a lecture about post Morton photography by Violet Fenn.

Violet starts talking about death and the way we associate it with sadness and loss. She started talking about her time at Glyndwr some 13 years ago – in which she graduated with a first in Craft Design.

Violet started making jewelry, a passion she has had since graduation.

One day, she came across some photos that we’re online about death.

The photos generally show the family members, together with the dead relation. The image would show the whole family engaged in a family portrait.

What does death look like?

The images violet shows are not of bodies in degrading or morbid positions – they look like typical victorian family images with very wooden staring and posing – quite useful in this case as the dead bodies will fit in excellently!

Why did people do this in the past?

If you were a child, it is very unlikely that there would be photos of them – this is due to the difficulty and expense that came with photography back them. If you we an adult, it here were probably a fair amount of images in existence – it was usual to have a photo taken at important life events such as graduations or a new job or promotion,

So, if or baby daughter dies at the age of 6, which was very common in those days because of the lack of hygiene and general lack of health, it would be possible to have a family photograph.

This was a honey for violet however – her jewelry making business was her income, but the website that she was keeping updated all the time was taking up a massive amount of time.